Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Blog Post if made solely and specifically for Dana L. Todd…

Sissy!!! OK, I through myself at your mercy – I am a total jerk. You sent me a very, very sweet postcard on my anniversary and there is no excuse why I haven’t been able to respond yet. Please accept my first Blog Post as an apology and a fresh start to our new “Blog-Pen-Pal” friendship. Eventually, I will learn to use my cell phone as an actual cell phone but I have to take technology one day at a time. I promise I am attempting to take some pride in my Blog so every body can sort of keep up to date with me. However, I am in a category of technologically inexperienced people that not only fear a "Blog" but fear the brainy people who can make fancy shmancy designs and layouts that blow our two-tone arrangements out of the water. So- No laughing at my layout!
I must admit, I take time every week to check out your page and you have been a busy, busy newlywed. First things first… Kumo is freakin’ aaaadooooraaable!! Congrats on the new addition to the family. You and Bryan will be excellent parents for that cutey-pie!!
I miss you a ton. So if you and Bryan can find some time while you are in town to come see our house and maybe grab some dinner, then that would be awesome. Call me, text me or email me but let me know when you get here.
Love you sissy.

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Dana and Bryan Todd said...

Oh sissy I accept! I hope you do like blogging... it takes a bit getting used to! It's especially great for parents when they want to know what you are up to and nosey friends like MEEEE who want to know what the heck you have been doing!!!! haha well i LOVE YOU and MISS YOU!
love, your sissy!