Monday, June 22, 2009

Chrysa & Rhonda

Since starting with my company, I have been able to meet a lot of really amazing people. Whether they are clients, fellow employees, consultants or just another person from the company network, I am truly among some incredible individuals. Over the last year I have found within this incredible community two people that I would definitely consider my closest friends: Chrysa & Rhonda.

Tanya, Chrysa & Rhonda, June 2009

We have far too many stories to tell and I would have no clue where to start. We have been on a couple adventures already and have quite a “To Do List” for our next couple years planned. First and foremost we are on the Board of Directors for a project that Chrysa began in Bangladesh. We are committed to raising money and awareness of the schooling program currently in order in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have completed the building process for the pilot school in rural Bangladesh. There are many more years of fund raising and the building process of the main school will be completed next year. For now, families for the students have already been chosen and the percentage of female students has been mandated at a minimum of 25%. This is extremely unorthodox for this country as usually women have very low levels of education, if any at all. To think of the big picture we are hoping to make a difference in the future downfall of poverty and the growth for development in Bangladesh. Time will tell and I can’t wait to see what we can get completed next. If I can convince my husband and my boss to let me take a trip there, then I am hoping to attend the grand opening with Chrysa early next year when the school is completed. Add me to your prayers!

Faher's Day 2009 BBQ #1

We had Father’s Day BBQ #1 this weekend!! With all of the kids, we seem to have a hard time getting everyone together so we are setting two dates. Hopefully, everyone can show up to either BBQ #1 or BBQ #2. Jack is out of town and Randi had to work so it was Grant, Zack and I with Dad and Paula at the gathering from this past weekend. Zack was able to stop by on his lunch break. He is so sweet to squeeze in these family events! I love him… :)

OMG - This is probably the only picture of Grant and I since 2005.

Dad & Paula - I just love this picture of them.

Father & Son

My two favorite guys.

And this was Grant's favorite picture.
Poor Roxy just hangin' there ... She is a lot cuter when fear isn't plastered to her face.

BBQ #2 is next weekend…I will get some pics of with Jack and Randi too.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Luxury of owning a home

Remodel Tragedy #1

Alright, here are two stories from our newly found glory of owning a home. Story number one takes place a mere three days after we were handed the keys. Yes - 72 Hours into owning a home and this happens...

We were blessed to have all of our family and friends over to help repaint walls, trim, doors, the fireplace, ceilings, cabinets and anything else that could use a face lift. Well at the same time we had our other three friends that are very handy changing bigger items... A/C fuses, thermostat, fans, fixtures, etc...

The upstairs bathroom sits directly above our family room with wood flooring. A good friend of ours was helping to change the Wax-Ring on that toilet and I guess forgot to check it twice. I come over to visit the house after work because we still hadn't moved in yet and guess what I see...

What is that you ask? Well, since I have lived in a one story house since I was born, I have NEVER seen a bubble in a ceiling. I could practically hear the paint stretching to make more room before it would just burst. But I didn't need any type of experience in water leaks to know the leak must be really bad since the giant pool of water on our hard wood floor was about 4 feet wide. I of course start to panic because water damage to a home is never a good thing. I scramble to find a water valve for the house and shut off that water, I race to find buckets and trashcans to catch the water still that is slowly dripping out of the paint bubble and I call Zack to voice my panic. We...meaning Zack....make the executive decision to get it fixed the very same night. So, two hours later....


Yip. Giant hole in ceiling. Simple as that. They ripped the ceiling apart to take out any wet drywall and replace it ASAP. Final stats.... Days owning home: 3.5 ; Dumb friend not double checking wax ring: 1 ; My Panic Level on a scale of 1-10: 957 ; Dry wall replaced: 8 feet x 4 feet ; Man Hours spent: 12.

I don't have an "After" picture but it pretty much looks like any other standard ceiling, which is just the way I like it.

Remodel Tragedy #2

Here is an email I sent my mom while in the process of getting the new carpet installed. Sorry, I didn't get picture but I am very good at painting the picture.

"I am sure I mentioned to you how excited we were to be getting our new carpet installed today, well guess what? The carpet company screwed up and it won’t be installed for another week or more! In some instances this would be OK, however Zack and I decided to save some money by tearing out the old carpet ourselves. Here is the kicker- we pulled the old carpet out just before noon yesterday, the carpet company called at 2:00pm, a mere two hours later, to say there was a mistake and the install has be pushed back. I guess the employee who scheduled the install was an idiot, and did not see that the padding wasn’t in yet. We are still waiting to here when the padding can be delivered and cut. Yes that’s right, we are now living on dirty, uncomfortable, torn up plywood until they decide when it can be installed. "

"Picture it. Upstairs we have no furniture, no beds, no office area, no dressers, nothing on the walls … NOTHING. You can’t even walk up there with out shoes on because there are staples in the floor and constant piles of saw dust, splinters and padding residue, which even a Shop-Vac can not get all of it to vanish. Downstairs in the Dining room and Living room is the majority of our furniture and accessories from upstairs. It is almost stacked to the ceiling, leaving those spaces inhabitable. The Family room w/ the fireplace had to be cleared to make room for our mattress to be “set-up” on the floor, to save us from being forced to sleep on our couches. (Side-note: Zack finally gets to watch TV in bed, he’s pretty content) "

" Just to sum it up: Clear space in my house that is unaffected by the unfortunate experience of this home improvement, is in the front entry way, kitchen and stair case. All of my free time will be spent cooking, staring at the front door, or running up and down my stairs. "

Update: We got through that tragedy and have beautiful carpet to show for it. Totally worth it. We actually had fun living in the living room. It was like upscale camping.

Jack's White Coat Ceremony

Okay, this is a little late but our family is so proud of Jack and this is a pretty big deal so READ IT!
On July, 19th 2008 Mom and I had the honor to watch Jack in his White Coat Ceremony. The white coat ceremony symbolizes the student’s transition from the study of pre-clinical to a member of the clinical health profession. It was an amazing ceremony! It was held at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco. The building itself was gorgeous and allotted for 1000 friends and family members to watch the ceremony in a breathtaking auditorium. The ceremony had professional classical musicians and all of the guest speakers were somehow a member of the UOP network. It has been almost a year since then and Dr. Jack Gorman DDS has been continuing to gain experience through his continuing climb in patient count and ongoing course studies. Congrats Jack! We are so so so very proud and can’t wait to watch your final graduation a year from now.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Blog Post if made solely and specifically for Dana L. Todd…

Sissy!!! OK, I through myself at your mercy – I am a total jerk. You sent me a very, very sweet postcard on my anniversary and there is no excuse why I haven’t been able to respond yet. Please accept my first Blog Post as an apology and a fresh start to our new “Blog-Pen-Pal” friendship. Eventually, I will learn to use my cell phone as an actual cell phone but I have to take technology one day at a time. I promise I am attempting to take some pride in my Blog so every body can sort of keep up to date with me. However, I am in a category of technologically inexperienced people that not only fear a "Blog" but fear the brainy people who can make fancy shmancy designs and layouts that blow our two-tone arrangements out of the water. So- No laughing at my layout!
I must admit, I take time every week to check out your page and you have been a busy, busy newlywed. First things first… Kumo is freakin’ aaaadooooraaable!! Congrats on the new addition to the family. You and Bryan will be excellent parents for that cutey-pie!!
I miss you a ton. So if you and Bryan can find some time while you are in town to come see our house and maybe grab some dinner, then that would be awesome. Call me, text me or email me but let me know when you get here.
Love you sissy.

Friday, June 20, 2008