Friday, June 12, 2009

Jack's White Coat Ceremony

Okay, this is a little late but our family is so proud of Jack and this is a pretty big deal so READ IT!
On July, 19th 2008 Mom and I had the honor to watch Jack in his White Coat Ceremony. The white coat ceremony symbolizes the student’s transition from the study of pre-clinical to a member of the clinical health profession. It was an amazing ceremony! It was held at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco. The building itself was gorgeous and allotted for 1000 friends and family members to watch the ceremony in a breathtaking auditorium. The ceremony had professional classical musicians and all of the guest speakers were somehow a member of the UOP network. It has been almost a year since then and Dr. Jack Gorman DDS has been continuing to gain experience through his continuing climb in patient count and ongoing course studies. Congrats Jack! We are so so so very proud and can’t wait to watch your final graduation a year from now.

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