Monday, June 22, 2009

Faher's Day 2009 BBQ #1

We had Father’s Day BBQ #1 this weekend!! With all of the kids, we seem to have a hard time getting everyone together so we are setting two dates. Hopefully, everyone can show up to either BBQ #1 or BBQ #2. Jack is out of town and Randi had to work so it was Grant, Zack and I with Dad and Paula at the gathering from this past weekend. Zack was able to stop by on his lunch break. He is so sweet to squeeze in these family events! I love him… :)

OMG - This is probably the only picture of Grant and I since 2005.

Dad & Paula - I just love this picture of them.

Father & Son

My two favorite guys.

And this was Grant's favorite picture.
Poor Roxy just hangin' there ... She is a lot cuter when fear isn't plastered to her face.

BBQ #2 is next weekend…I will get some pics of with Jack and Randi too.

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